About us

The history of the Italian Mediterranean buffalo has very distant origins, but I want to focus on a relatively close period, 1999, the year in which for the first time I became interested in this species, totally unknown to me.

Since January 1, 2020, GB GENETICS, owned by Giovanni Binotti, has taken over the company, acquiring all licenses and know-how from COFA. This transformation has resulted in a new production brand, "GB GENETICS COFA Srl."

In our facility, we take pleasure in hosting formidable mediterra-nean water buffaloes such as BLACKSTAR, BATIMAN, CICLOPE, and GOKHAN, consistently ranking at the top in the genetic index published by ANASB. Currently, we have many mediterranean water buffaloes awaiting indexing from renowned Italian farms, giving us hope for future rankings. The center also houses new bulls ready for progeny testing with important genealogical certifi-cates. This future genetics will undoubtedly bring us great satis-faction, and our Bull Center will continue to be a cornerstone in the genetic improvement of the Italian Mediterranean buffalo.

To achieve excellent conception results, in addition to good corporate management, proper nutrition, and precise insemina-tion techniques, it is essential to have high-quality semen. GB GENETICS COFA has always developed specific protocols for the processing of buffalo semen. In addition to sperm motility and concentration, GB GENETICS COFA places great importance on the morphological evaluation of sperm, allowing for a more accu-rate estimate of fertility, not only in the laboratory but also in prac-tical field applications.

Another crucial aspect of producing high-quality semen is the freezing process, a delicate phase in the processing. Over the years, we have developed a SPECIAL freezing curve dedicated solely to buffalo semen, achieving excellent results.

With these outcomes, GB GENETICS COFA positions itself as a world leader in the production of high-quality buffalo semen of the Italian Mediterranean breed. In the semen dose, along with a high genetic heritage, we find excellent sperm quality.

Our conviction is supported by feedback from Italian breeders and veterinarians, as well as numerous clients from international markets. Furthermore, we also produce bovine semen of Frisian, Chianina, Black Angus, and Blue Belgian breeds, with particular attention to the preservation of native breeds such as Reggiana, Modenese, Bianca Padana, and Ottonese.