About us

In 1999, thanks to the intuition of Dr Casali, President of the then COFA Bull Stud, we had the opportunity to do genetics with the buffalo species, considering that COFA had already been in the research sector for many years, production and marketing of high quality bovine semengenetics, we enthusiastically embarked on this adventure.


In 2010 with my small enterprise, GB GENETICS di Binotti Giovanni, I started selecting breeders on behalf of my company by placing the bulls at the COFA bull stud, which guaranteed me the management and production service of buffalo semen.


From 1 January 2020 GB GENETICS of Binotti Giovanni took over the company by acquiring all the licenses and the «know-how»  of COFA. The metamorphosis has produced a new production brand:                    GB GENETICS COFA S.r.l. In our facilities we have formidable breeders such as BLACKSTAR, BATIMAN, CYCLOPS, GOKHAN, URANIUM, STARWARS and RAINBOW.


We currently have many bulls awaiting indexing from very famous breeding, this genetics in the future it will surely give us great satisfaction and our Bull Stud will continue to be a milestone in the breeding of Italian Mediterranean buffalo.